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Vero USA announce TST as master VISI distributor

Vero USA are pleased to announce the appointment of TST Tooling Software Technology as its master distributor for the VISI Series product suite in North America. Vero is a world leader in the provision of software solutions for aiding the design and manufacturing processes within the mold and die industry. The specific sectors include the design and manufacture of plastic injection molds, sheet metal and progressive stamping dies. These widespread product types are in turn to be found in a multitude of manufacturing industry sectors such as automotive, electronic, medical, white goods and aerospace.

Vero firmly believes that gains in productivity can be made by building as much knowledge of specific design and machining processes within its software as possible. This philosophy of productivity through specialisation has led to cutting edge developments within the design and manufacture of molds and stamping dies.

Richard Youhill, Group Sales Director of Vero comments “We are delighted with appointment of TST as Master Distributor for our products and to expand their territory in North America. Having worked with TST for many years we see the added value that they deliver to their customers both in supporting the software products and also in on-going consultancy to ensure that users benefit greatly from their investment. This appointment will help us to expand our user base to a wider audience throughout the United States”.

Jim Kesteloot, president of TST comments “We are proud to represent the VISI product line and are pleased to have this opportunity to take a 'World Class Product' to all of North America. We know anyone can sell software products, it’s the training and implementation that make you successful and which defines TST. What does all this mean for you? TST will be even stronger, better positioned, and have even more resources available to help you achieve your goals. We have thrived in these challenging economic times, and we can help you do the same.”

TST are headquartered in Clarkston, MI with offices in Grand Rapids, MI, Windsor, ON and Chicago, IL, and have been involved with VERO and the VISI product suite for over 10 years. TST has built its business around making sure our users are 100% knowledgeable on the products they invest in; consistently providing true solutions. TST has an extensive user base that are successfully using VISI and benefiting from the expertise and experience that TST brings to the table.

For additional information contact TST at:
TST Tooling Software Technology, LLC
6547 Dixie Hwy, Ste A
Clarkston MI 48346

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