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SKA “Perfect Example of VERO Vision”

The market-leading Brazilian CNC software specialist, SKA, has added two additional packages to its stable, aimed at mold, tool and die shops.

SKA President Siegfried Koelin says: “We’ve worked with EDGECAM for more than 12 years, securing a strong position in the Brazilian production machining market. Adding Machining STRATEGIST and VISI Progress means we can now do the same in the complementary sectors of mold and die.”

VISI General Manager Richard Youhill says: "This is a perfect example of the vision we had when Vero and Planit merged last autumn.” The combination of Vero’s CAD/CAM/CAE solutions for the tooling industry, and Planit’s software for the production engineering, sheet metal, metal fabrication and woodworking sector created the world’s leading CAM specialist, and third largest CADCAM vendor.

“The complementary products across the Group address the worldwide need for CAD/CAM/CAE technology in a large variety of focussed manufacturing processes. It means SKA can now provide these additional solutions to their industrial and education sector customers throughout Brazil,” says Richard Youhill.

SKA supplies software which helps manufacturing companies achieve greater productivity and efficiency. The company was Planit’s American EDGECAM Reseller of the Year in 2011, the fifth consecutive year that they scooped a top accolade at Planit’s annual resellers conference. Recognized for strength and constant growth, SKA provides ongoing support from an experienced team, developing and implementing solutions that fit the specific needs of individual customers.

Steve Sivitter, Vero’s Americas Regional Director, says: “It was a natural expansion for SKA to take on the distribution of Machining STRATEGIST and VISI Progress, as existing production machining customers and partners who also work in the mold, tool and die sector, along with a range of new customers, will benefit from this software.”

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